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Marvellous Mammals Training Workshop

Have you ever wondered...who made that print? Or what's in that pellet? Or, more importantly, who did that poo?

There are a whopping 62 mammal species living in Scotland, but they can be elusive and tricky to spot. Join us in a three-part workshop to hone your skills in identifying and recording mammals, even when you can't see them!

  • Small mammal special: take a guided walk around the reserve checking small mammal traps, and learn the key ID features of the species we find
  • Tracks and signs: become a nature detective! Which mammals have left clues to their presence around the reserve?
  • Pellet power: get up close and personal with owl pellets, and learn to identify small mammals by their bones and fur!

The workshop will be led by Graeme Wilson, a small mammal specialist with over 20 years' experience in the field. He can be found on social media @graemebwilson.

Spaces are free but limited, so book now

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