Have you seen a Garnock Rock?
Our Garnock Rocks have escaped into the wild. If you find one of our rocks let us know where they've got to using #GarnockRocks on social media. Then why not relocate the rock and share the new location on the Places That We Know App?  


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    Garnock Connections

    Connecting people and places within the Landscape

The #GarnockRocks have escaped!

Our Garnock Rocks have run off into the wilds of the Garnock Connections area and we've no idea where they've gotten to. Help us find the rocks by keeping your eyes peeled for them whenever you're out and about enjoying the many amazing green spaces and heritage walks in the area. If you find one of our rocks let us know by sharing a picture with us on Facebook or Twitter, include #GarnockRocks in your post.

Once you've found a Garnock Rock you can then move it on to a new location, perhaps you have a favourite spot or trail that you'd like to share with us. You can share the rock's new location via the Places That We Know app. Remember to tell us why you've picked this particular location and what it means to you. We still have squirrels to give away for the best posts and trails, if we can tear them away from their books...

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