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A Blooming Success

In the time since our Biodiversity Day Bioblitz, our friends at SWSEIC have been busy combing through the data to find out what was recorded where - and the results are in! 

We tallied up a list of over 230 species! For a full list, click here

Flowering Plants

Pignut flowers
Hawthorn flowers
Red Campion
Germander Speedwell
White Waterlily Leaves

Looking at our findings, we can officially say the Bioblitz was a blooming success, with 132 flowering plant species recorded! Scientifically known as angiosperms, this group includes species as varied as wildflowers, bulb plants, lilies, grasses, vegetables, and decidious trees. These species made up over half our records, making the event a fantastic snapshot of the floral diversity in the Garnock Valley.

For a closer look at some of our favourite flowers and their significance in Scottish history, check out our Bioblitz Blog, or head over to our Bioblitz Botany Gallery for a visual tour. 


Tawny Owl
Blue Tit

A total of 30 bird species were reported over the weekend, from tiny wrens to mighty buzzards. It's great to see the Cuckoo, which is a UK Red List species, appearing in the records. A UK Red List species is one which has the highest level of conservation concern due to severe population declines, but there are several good places to find Cuckoos in the project area, including the Muirsheil hills and White Moss near Barrmill, which is where our record was found.


Emperor Moth
Nettle Weevil
Forest Cuckoo Bee
Scorpion Fly
Large Red Damselfly

Our recorders found 52 insect species, including butterflies, bees, moths and damselflies. We were excited to see the little nomad bee Nomada flavoguttata in the records- this tiny bee has only been recorded a few times in the Garnock Valley, and not since 2019, so it's a great find! 

Other Species

Garden Orb Spider
Maidenhair Spleenwort
Roe Deer
Sphagnum Mosses
Red Fox

We also recorded 10 mosses and ferns, 5 slugs, snails and spiders, and 4 land mammals. 


For information about getting involved in wildlife recording in the Garnock Valley, visit our Wildlife Recording Page or contact our Wildlife Recording Assistant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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