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Video Diary: A Dirty Weekend at Glengarnock Castle

Last month, we and our partners DigVentures took a group of people to invesitgate Glengarnock Castle.

Now a ruinous landmark, the castle is tied to a 120-year feud between two North Ayrshire medieval families- the Cunninghames and Montgomeries. Whilst much of the castle's origins are unknown, we do know that: parts date to the mid-15th century during the feud; it was visited by Mary Queen of Scots in 1536 and a storm destroyed a large chunk in 1863. 

Yet, there's lots of evidence to suggest the castle could be far older and much more extensive, than what it initially appears. So, it was time for our dirty weekenders to invesitgate how old and truly extensive Glengarnock Castle's ruins really are. Watch our video below, to find out what happened...

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