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Boxes for Barnies

This project is being delivered by the Clyde Branch of the Scottish Ornithologists' Club, and is providing homes for barn owls in the areas surrounding Lochwinnoch.

After long-term population declines, barn owls have seen a recent upturn in their fortunes. It's thought that the development of artificial nest boxes, which can be installed in trees, barns or other such buildings, has been a contributor to this increase. Clyde SOC have been working with local volunteers, training them in how to build and install these boxes. While initial plans called for 12 boxes, such was the enthusiasm for the project that they've actually been able to create 19.

With the boxes now in place, the next stage of the project will be monitoring their usage, with records subsequently being uploaded to BirdTrack.

We couldn't deliver this work without the assistance of local landowners who, as well as taking on boxes, are being provided with information on how to manage their land to the benefit of the owls.


What we've achieved so far

19 barn owl nest boxes installed and being monitored

7 volunteers trained



Did you know?

The size and shape of a barn owl's wings allow it to fly in complete silence. Perfect for hunting small mammals such as mice and voles.

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Zul Bhatia

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