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Dalry Community Development Hub and By Pass Art were inspired to create a memory garden to refelct stories from the local community in a space where they could contemplate and reflect on the rich experiences of local people.  If not shared and recorded priceless memories are lost forever and so too are the insights into a person, building or even a way of life – they tell a story that can be happy, sad or even funny and inadvertently highlight social change. This project is a physical display of local history and heritage, people of all ages stroll into the garden to read and enjoy the memories. From our own personal experience in this and other heritage projects we know that community do find local history and heritage interesting and is now presented in a way they can engage with. Displaying these memories ensures the town’s heritage is in some way recorded for all to see.

Dalry have been very active in recording heritage trails on the Places That We Know trails app and website and are creating an accompanying booklet for those who don't use or have access to required technology, improving access to heritage assets of the town.  Heritage will be made more accessible to everyone through the creation of an audio recording of a local play, made available to all and not just those who are lucky enough to obtain a limited number of tickets and also to those who are still wary of attending gatherings as pandemic restrictions have started to ease. 

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