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Growing for Garnock

Wildflower meadows and riparian woodland habitats have been identified as key habitats in the Garnock Connections area and are priorities for habitat improvement work.

Eadha manages a small specialist tree nursery growing rare native species with a focus on aspen and willow.   Through the Growing For Garnock Project, they are expanding their range of target species to include a range of wildlflowers, shrubs and plants.  This project offers an opportunity to engage people with a range of different backgrounds, some with issues and special needs, in the discovery of and learning about nature, and to be involved in practical conservation work. 

We are working with a wide range of groups and organisations in the “social sector", local primary schools and youth groups to instill an interest and awareness of nature in participants who may have limited connection at present, providing new skills and learning.  The project aims to connect participants to their local environment and promote a sense of pride and stewardship.  For young people, the project encapsulates the four capacities for learning – Effective Contributors, Responsible Citizens, Successful Learners and Confident Individuals. It also promotes Health & Well Being and Outdoor Learning.

The project will also lead to direct habitat improvements at various sites within the project area by enhancement planting.

Eadha supervise and lead visits to key habitat sites within the project area where participants can learn about the native plants found there, including their identification and traditional uses.  Seeds and cuttings are collected in follow up visits for propagation at Eadha’s nursery or at schools.  Site visits are attended by expert botanical guides.

Participants will then be involved in planting the resulting plugs they have propagated at various sites across the project area to enhance biodiversity. 

You can read an update on the latest from the Growing for Garnock project in the current Eadha Newsletter

Did you know?

Did you know that while new planted native woodlands can benefit many types of wildlife, often they lack the diversity ground flora to be found in ancient woodlands, as these species can take many hundreds of years to become established and some may never find their way there naturally.

Get Involved

Volunteering opportunities are available both at Eadha’s nursery and at planting sites.

Find out more about the ways you can make a difference for plants and pollinators by downloading our Growing for Garnock Pack

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