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Since the second world war the UK has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows, not only does this deny us the joy of seeing an explosion of colour during the summer months, but it leaves some of our most precious bees, bugs and other pollinators without a home. Through the Garnock’s Buzzing project we aim to do our bit to change this and make the Garnock Connections landscape a haven for pollinators.

We're doing this by creating new wildflower meadows, planting pollinator friendly trees and establishing bee banks at community sites, such as Kilbirnie Public Park and the Three Town Growers allotment in Ardrossan. Furthermore, we're working with communities to undertake pollinator identification events, get volunteers involved in habitat creation, and help local people undertake ecological surveys. Putting all this together creates an exciting and unique project that has the potential to make a real difference in the local area.

More than anything however, we want this project to leave a real legacy for the local area. As such we are raising awareness of insect pollinators and the importance of enhancing greenspace habitat in our towns. This is through interpretative signage, engaging community groups, and, perhaps most importantly, working with local schools to help the next generation understand why these habitats are so important.

Click HERE to see the presentation which Gill Smart delivered at our Year Two Celebration event in July 2020. Gill is the Scottish Wildlife Trust's Reserves Manager for Southwest Scotland, and is one of the leaders of Garnock's Buzzing.

Outputs achieved so far

200 school pupils engaged
2 meadow and road verge management plan
13 interpretation signs
3ha of new grassland meadows
14 bee hotels or bee banks
0.5ha of butterfly habitat created
0.9ha of bare earth habitat
177 nectar-rich trees planted
7 scientific monitoring surveys

Did you know?

There are 24 species of bumblebee in the UK. 18 of these are social species while the remaining 6 are cuckoo bumblebees who live a parasitic lifestyle by taking over existing nests established by other species.

Photo credit: Grahame Madge (rspb-images.com)

Get Involved

There will be opportunities for volunteers to assist in habitat creation projects, these opportunities will be advertised in due course. We will also be holding events focussed on pollinators and wildflowers throughout the duration of the project.

Contact Details

Neal Lochrie

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