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All Ability Access

Through this project we will provide all ability wheelers and associated storage to address inequalities in access to some of North Ayrshire’s beautiful open spaces and green spaces. 

Before COVID, we had a trial for the Eglinton Park wheelers which saw members from North Ayrshire Access Panel, Eglinton Rangers, Dirrens Head Injury Unit, members of the public attend. The event was a success and instilled an excitement amongst members at the prospect of using the wheelers to get around the park. Based on the feedback from this trial, the 2 wheelers that were the most popular and bes suited to the terrain of the Park were the side by side and MT Push. Both wheelers have been procured, delivered and are now at their new home in Eglinton. As soon as the rangers are back on site and COVID restrictions allow we will be able to start loaning these fantastic wheelers out for use during the day/weekend.

Having carried out extensive research on the other site, Irvine beach, it was decided to relocate the second site to Ardrossan beach instead.  One wheeler, the Hippocampe, has already been procured. We are waiting on confirmation of the site location at Ardrossan before we procure the second wheeler. This will be a wonderful asset to Ardrossan and its surrounding community. Its ramped access on to the fairly level beach will provide ample enjoyable experiences for mobility impaired users on our wheelers. 

Our plan this year for Eglinton Park is very much COVID dependent. We hope to have the wheelers out and being used on a daily basis. For Ardrossan beach, we hope to have a site secured soon. Once secured we aim to have 2 wheelers and associated storage located within close proximity to the ramped access down on to the beach.

Simple storage units at each of the sites above will allow the wheelers to be stored and maintained by staff on site. Wheelers will be promoted to relevant groups and a booking system will be set up to hire any of the all ability bikes.

Click HERE to see the presentation which Jessica Gillespie delivered at our Year Two Celebration event in July 2020. Jessica is an Active Travel Officer for North Ayrshire Council and is leading on this project.

Did you know?

Did you know, being outdoors is a great way to keep healthy and improve our mental and emotional well-being. By surrounding ourselves with clean air, wildlife and the beautiful natural scenery of our environment, this can be a great way to recharge our batteries!

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If you would like to try one of our wheelers and provide feedback before they officially launch (and when COVID restrictions allow) let us know and we can put you on a registration list.  To get involved please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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