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Raising the Bogs

Raised bogs are an amazing habitat, formed when lakes or low lying fill with vegetation, which partially decays and then builds up to a point where it is raised above the surrounding landscape. They are home to many specialized and fascinating types of animals and plants, including carnivorous sundews, large heath butterflies, as well as birds such as jack snipe. At their core are peat-forming bog-mosses, which come in an array of striking colours and give the bogs their spongey feel.

Unfortunately, the area of good quality lowland raised bog in the UK is estimated to have diminished by around 94% , which is one of the reasons it is a UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority habitat and in Annex 1 of the Habitats Directive.

In order to protect these special places, we have been working with RSPB Scotland and local landowners to return them to their natural state. With the help of contractors, volunteers and our Green Network Trainees, we have removed unwanted scrub which can rob bogs of their moisture, causing them to dry out. We also have plans to install new dams, which will support this process even more. 

The amount of incredible wildlife spotted on these work days goes to show how important bogs are, with everything from buff-tip moths right up to hen harriers being recorded.


What we've achieved


50 Ha of blanket bog restored

7 pile dams installed

5 dipwells installed


Did you know?

Raised bogs are home to specialised carnivorous plants called sundews. These are like mini versions of the more familiar Venus fly traps, and lure insects to them with droplets of ‘dew’, which they then get struck to and are slowly enveloped by the plant’s tendrils and digested. The acidic habitats the sundew lives in don't provide enough nutrients, so it has evolved this carnivorous way of life to supplement its diet.

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Get Involved

We are looking for volunteers to get involved in work parties to help restore these amazing sites by removing vegetation that is encroaching on them. No specialist skills are required but it will need a degree of fitness, as the bogs can be hard to get across and the clearance work should work up a sweat.

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