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Go Wild in Garnock

Have you ever popped out to walk the dog and spotted a mystery bird flitting from tree to tree? Or wondered what that butterfly was as you were out doing a spot of gardening? Well, this is your chance to find out! Go Wild in Garnock is all about giving you the skills and tools necessary to become a ‘citizen scientist’ and contribute to our understanding of wildlife in the Garnock Connections landscape. 

We are working with the South and West Scotland Environmental Information Centre (SWSEIC) to make it as easy as possible for everyone in the landscape to get involved in wildlife recording.

Not sure where to start? Check out our guides to...

We have our own wildlife recording system set up (you can find this on the I-Record website) where everyone's records from the Garnock Valley can be seen in one place. We also have lots of wildlife recording kit that is totally free to borrow, so anyone can get out and do some wildlife watching - if you're not sure where to get started browse our Guides to Wildlife Recording for inspiration.

Most exciting of all, we are running a series of  wildlife identification training courses which will give you the skills to tell a blue tit from a coal tit, or a field mouse from a bank vole. These events are the perfect introduction if you want to get involved in wildlife recording, or just for learning a little more about the world around you. Training events will be advertised through our website and social media accounts, so keep an eye out and get involved!

Get Involved in Wildlife Recording from Garnock Connections on Vimeo.

This project is also funded by the Green Infrastructure Community Engagement Fund.

So far we have added

12809 biological records
32 wildlife recording training events
9 wildlife recording events
1576 different species recorded
Recorded by 274 recorders

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Did you know?

Whether you have a balcony, garden, or window view, there are many wildlife surveys you can do at home. From birds to beetles, and butterflies to bats, check out our page on Citizen Science Surveys to find out more. 

Get Involved

You can sign up to one of our wildlife identification training events, or register with I-Record to begin submitting wildlife records. Then simply go for a walk, or sit in your back garden, and submit any wildlife you spot!

If you can already identify some species then you can get involved straight away! Simply register on the I-Record website, search for and join the Garnock Connections activity, then begin submitting your records! You can also download the app to make life even easier.

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